Boats, tides, birds and sandcastles


We decided to have a lazy beach morning. We grab some beach toys from the apartments (I guess they are provided for any kids staying really, but who cares!) It’s a bit too windy for the Frisbee, but we play a bit of badminton and beach boules. I untangle the kite but we can’t get it airbourne. Finally of course we get the bucket and spade out and build a sandcastle! It really has to be done. A huge perfect slick sandy beach, with barely a soul about! A sheltered corner behind the rocks.This is the life.

After our lazy morning, I stroll into Tenby and get tickets for another boat trip in the afternoon. This Islands Cruise boat is a little larger than the Caldey one, and the waves have got up today, so it’s rolling around quite a lot!


We head out first towards St Margaret’s Island, which is south of Giltar Point on Caldey Island. Though there is evidence of occupation since 1748,  the island has been abandoned. The limestone western cliffs are inhospitable to man, but perfect for nesting seabirds. With the boat being buffeted so badly it’s difficult to focus binoculars or risk the spray taking photos. However we get close enough to get good views of nesting  guillemots, kittiwakes and cormorants.


We then head east and skirt the far end of Caldey. The brisk wind is really in wrong direction for the seals who are sheltering elsewhere but we do spot one in the water


It’s an enjoyable trip, rather more adventurous than we initially thought! We survive anyway and jump back onto the damp beach with the waves still swaying in our shoes.

On our walk back the tide is finally returning, and we are glad to spot a family watching the tide come in and overtake our little castle!


Riptide pulls me out into the open sea
My toes dangle for a place to stand and be

Oh starry night, come and chart a course
Or send me a boat with an anchor set
I’ll pull myself ashore

Left with essence
Of the moon and stars and night
There’s no other route
I cannot take self to flight

I’ll float here with the shrimp and brine
And on my cheeks and hair
The salt will always shine

And with this phosphorescence map
A sailor’s chart, a mermaid’s hand
Something I’ll find

Oh starry night, come and chart a course
Or send me a boat with an anchor set
I’ll pull myself ashore

Songwriter LAURA VEIRS


Boats, tides, birds and sandcastles

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